UPDATE Fri. March 18th, 2022

Trails are CLOSED!

Temps in the 50's and 60's and that strong March sun forced us to shut our entire trail system down. Long range doesn't look any better so this is probably the end. 

Thank you to all our gracious Landowners for allowing us to travel through your land! 

Don't forget Kingdom Grille is having their 2nd Annual Vintage show next Sat. March 19th! Great event...come check out all the cool vintage sleds. 

Trails are OPEN! Sat. March 12, 2022

Winter is making a temporary comeback…we’ve been watching the weather carefully and we are confident we’ll have enough snow to protect landowner’s property and open up our gates this morning.

Our PB fleet will be rollin’ in the afternoon. Be on your guard and be careful if you venture out before the groomers. Report any hazards you come up on and if you have saws or ribbon that would be helpful. Expect the unexpected.

There’s more logging on our trail system so please check our VAST map for exact locations. They are marked in black. We’ll also update trail conditions/closures.

We’ll report back once we get out there to work in the new snow. More warm weather next week. We’ll groom as long as weather allows. Be safe.


Below trails are CLOSED due to logging. IMPORTANT~There is absolutely NO access of any kind in or around the logging Operations. This includes, snowshoers, walkers and joggers! For your safety..STAY OUT OF THERE! 


114B EX. 251-EX.32

114   EX.241-EX.252

111  EX.26-EX.29

Click the link below to see exactly which trails have been groomed, are open or closed. This map is your best option for trail conditions as it's updated often.


        THINK SNOW!