UPDATE Monday 2/17/21🚨

We received around 3 inches snow/sleet mix from Mon-Tues storm and temps in the 30's. Pretty disappointing since they forecasted much more but we will take what we can get. Temps have dropped overnight and trails should set up nicely. And the good news is our trails were in good shape before this so it will only be better! Groomers continue to roll to keep things smooth for you. 

All of our trails are open with most in Green status but still some yellow/cautionary . 

Get out and get it while you can! Season is too short! 

STAY ON MARKED TRAILS and always be respectful of our landowners, club and town ! You want to ride off trail stay in our designated play. Patrols are out and there will be big fines. 

TRAIL 114 EX.26-253 remains CLOSED

SEVERAL COMPLAINTS on the roads in town. SLOW DOWN, adhere to speed limits and STOP signs or we will lose them!!! 

Truck & Trailer Parking available at Kingdom Market and Lakeshore Dr.

All services are accessible so please patronize the businesses!


Click the link below to see exactly which trails are open or closed. This map is your best option for trail conditions as it's updated often.


        THINK SNOW!

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