2020 Application for Brighton Snowmobile Club Membership

                                            VAST TMA (Trail Pass)


                  IMPORTANT!! MUST READ & SIGN bottom of all TMA Forms before submitting!


You can purchase your TMA & BSC Club Membership a few ways.

(1.) ONLINE through VAST website click purple tab here>

Be sure to choose BSC club member(Standard VAST pricing is $35) 


(2.) ONLINE- BSC Click Buy Now Button at bottom of this page, select payment type and TMA amount. Download the TMA form by clicking link above, print, fill out completely, sign and email to info@brightonsnowmobile.org (Make sure to send current registration info also)

(3.) MAIL-Download & print TMA Pdf form above, send a check, copy of registration with completed and signed TMA forms to Brighton Snowmobile Club, PO Box 400 Island Pond, VT 05846 Your paperwork and payment will be processed by the club and mailed back with your new TMA stickers by mid Nov.

(4.) IN PERSON at The Welcome Center 11 Birch St. Island Pond starting Nov. 18 Sun. 9:30am-noon Mon-Thurs. 9-noon Fri. 9am-2pm Sat. 9am-3pm Hours will change after Dec. 15th. Also, in person @ Mark's Motorsports, Enfield, CT (860-741-5115) and Land N' Sea Powersports, Waterbury, CT. (203-755-2682) BSC will be selling TMA's at Gervais Hardware and Hearth & Stone in town. We will also have TMA's at the SLED EXPO Show in MA.11/16-11/17/19. Make sure you have your current Registration!


All TMA prices below are for the VT VAST TMA ONLY. Club membership of $30.00 will need to be added to each TMA. We will also be doing Vermont Registrations for renewals (which can also be done online) if your sled was previously registered in another state and you have the old registration from that state.   We will not be doing state registrations from private sales and Vermont registrations cannot be done through the mail. Questions, please feel free to call Marilyn Maxwell at 802-723-6605. ONLINE TMA's NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH VAST WEBSITE www.vtvast.org Stickers will be mailed in mid November. TMA Forms MUST be postmarked by Dec.15th to receive the lower rate. Please NO EXCEPTIONS! TMA's will NOT be processed if information in incorrect. Please fill out forms completely & SIGN!! 






EARLY BIRD-REGISTERED IN VT Choose if this snowmobile is registered in VT. $110.00


EARLY BIRD-REGISTERED OUT-OF-STATE Choose if this snowmobile is NOT registered in VT$140.00


FAMILY - REGISTERED IN VERMONT Choose if this snowmobile is registered in VT  $94.00

(Available for the 3rd snowmobile registered, and must be registered to the same person)


FAMILY - REGISTERED OUT-OF-STATE Choose if this snowmobile is NOT registered in VT

(Available for the 3rd snowmobile registered and must be registered to the same person) $117.00




REGULAR - REGISTERED IN VERMONT Choose this if this snowmobile is registered in VT. $150.00



REGULAR - REGISTERED OUT-OF-STATE Choose if this snowmobile is NOT registered in VT $190.00

*VOLUNTEER - ALWAYS AVAILABLE (Check with club to learn how to qualify)*



3 Day Pass Available After 12/15/19 $60.00


(Available through VAST ONLY) ANTIQUE Sled One Time Fee $140.00

Vintage Snowmobile $60.00 1st Sled, $25.00 each additional up to 5, sixth $60.00 + $25.00 up to 10 sleds.


*   Vintage can be ridden on the trails antique can NOT ride on VAST trails. It is only for exhibiting at shows etc.

** Antique CAN ride on VAST trails but only after Jan 15 *





                                   Click Here > To Pay For Your BSC TMA & Club Dues


                   Please use pricing above to determine your amount needed

                      Example:   2 Early Bird TMA In State Reg. $110.00 x 2 = $220.00 

                                                  2 Club Dues $30.00 x 2 = $60.00

                                $280.00  For Full Payment For The Example Above  


                                   Click Here > To Pay For Club Membership Only $30.00 





                Click Here  > To Purchase BSC Apparel/Support Brighton Snowmobile Club

                      All donations go directly to our trail & groomer maintenance fund



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