Wow Spring Snow April 4th

April 6, 2016

What a difference a day can make. Just 2 days ago we were wrapping up the last bit of trail work on ATV's 48 hours later we were able to complete that task by snowmobiles. Unlike the 3 inches we had received the night before this little storm stuck around all day and by 5 PM the trails had enough snow to not damage anything and get the task of the last few gates behind us. Like back in early January when we started trying to open the trails snow cover was deeper but with no base. Some of the water bars were trying to set back up after the last few days. There were a few good sections along the way and even though this was not the best conditions this little last 20 mile blast will make the long wait a little shorter.


A few trees along the way to move from the high winds over the last week, but it was a pleasure to be in the woods with 8 + inches of snow taking care of trails that will be here next year and hopefully for years to come. Doing trail work does not have to be a pain and has many benefits outside of taking pride in where you ride, and today was one of them. 









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