Vermont, How It All Started.

September 25, 2015

           Where this picture was taken in the 1700's is now part of our trails in 2015


It must not be forgotten that England and France were ancient enemies and had frequent wars: these wars usually disturbed the peace of the American Colonies, as the French were then established in Canada. A war, known as King George's war began in 1744 and ended in 1748. In January, 1749, Governor Bennington Wentworth chartered a town six miles square in the territory now Vermont, in which he never had any right or authority whatever, and named it in honor of himself, Bennington: and the fees and emoluments were such that his cupidity was stirred. In 1750 he chartered Halifax, in 1751 Wilmington and his avarice was such that when he was stopped by the decision of the king in 1764 he had chartered somewhere 130 towns and this, too, in face of the claim of the governor of the Province of New York and his protest thereto.


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