Toasty Tot Handlebars

March 30, 2017

Over the years riding with my children we tried everything on the market to help keep them upright and also trying to get them thinking about the motor skills they would need to one day ride on their own. Well it looks like the perfect product has just been made available. 


Where were these when we were kids? I can still hear my dad telling me to “tough it out” when my hands started to get cold on those long trail rides. Nowadays, a lot of 2-up sleds have built-in hand warmers in the back, but what about when little ones sit up front? Aaron Jenks has the answer.

A couple of years ago, Aaron was riding around Tug Hill area with his young son, Charles. It was below zero, and Charles’ hands became cold quickly. That outing inspired Aaron to create Toasty Tot Handlebars, a bolt-on product that gives your little riding buddy a way to hold on and keep his or her digits warm at the same time. The heated grips are wired directly into your sled and activated by a toggle switch. There’s also an integrated USB port for keeping your devices charged. 

Adapters allow the handlebars to fit on most makes and models that have a riser tube welded to the top of the steering post.

Cost: $249

More info:








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