Trail Report 3/19

March 19, 2017

Well what do you get when 15+ club members show up to get it done ? You get open trails and all downed trees removed. Hats off to our trail boss Carl, and our President Jackie for rounding up the troops so the work load would be spread out between us. It was a beautiful late winter morning and a chance for us all to do our part to clean up after" Storm Stella Snow Rant." We are so thankful to be able to squeeze out a few more days of riding and so thankful for all that showed up to help get everything back to good riding conditions. 


After the morning rounds were made and we still had some trails to be broke. Craig & Helena your singture in the downed tree blocking the Ward Cove Trail will always remind of us Stella, nice touch !! To all our volunteers that started working the storm from  day 1 the last 6 days have been eventful and  the storm was a welcome addition to our season.


Would also like to thank Steve & his friend that stopped along the way to help us for a stretch before they headed out towards the GMNF. To our bordering clubs DSVJ & Woodford thanks for your efforts to give our members good trails. Brain & Bruce thanks for playing on the power-lines and cleaning up the Deerfield Loop, glad those big trees are now history. Jackie, Randy, Mike, Ray, Sheldon, Rodger, Carl, Steve & Friend, Jason, Trevor, Brian & anyone we missed your efforts during made riding possible for many. 

9 E Update:  After trail work yesterday we had a crew of three turn right at WM 3 and head southeast to see how far they could get.  Having put the chain saws away and just out for some ride time they headed out. There has been and still is a large logging project going on. For respect for the landowners and our riders we have had limited use of the area. Once complete it will change the landscape to be a beautiful trail through several sections of more open views. The trail to Guilford is always full of adventure and yesterday heading southeast it was unbroken and well let just say an "ADVENTURE". Never reached Deerpark Road, two big trees heading that way would stop our travel. It was a beautiful ride regardless and this hidden gem is always fun to travel.


If this is the last of the snow for what is left we have done far better then the season of 2016. Once again our club came together before, during and after to ensure that snowmobiling was possible, and as always if it were not for our giving landowners it would not happen. So thanks Mother Nature & Storm Stella, how about just one more in a week and we can close this season on out. Enjoy it while it last and thank you for your support. EZ RIDERS


9 E to Guilford WM-3

                                                              Trails Were All Unbroken 

                                                            Fresh & Deep & Untouched

                                                     Full Logging Operation Going On

                                     Looking Forward To Seeing This Trail Open Again

                                                    Don't Worry We Will Be Back For It



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