Recap SNOW FEST 2017

February 13, 2017

As the moon rose on the eve of SNOW FEST we felt that the 12 inches of snow that had fallen Thursday was a good sign for this year’s event. What started as an idea shared with a group of club members many meetings prior was on the eve of finally becoming reality. Our first year was 2016 at the Amos Brown House and old Mother Nature robbed of us the snow but not of the fest and we knew from the support we received in year one that we were on to something. This year we found out what that something was, and were glad we did.

The idea was simple, have an event that shared what snowmobiling is all about in Vermont, along with bringing family and friends together in a beautiful trail side setting and invite all to share in the day. We are happy to report this is what the EZ RIDERS SNOW FEST accomplished. First a very special thanks to all our club volunteers for the countless hours spent to make the event happen. And also to our landowners for the use of their property and our trails to get there. To Landmark Trust USA for providing the venue home and land. This great property and home is a year round rental available for fun weekends or mid week getaways. Jeff, Matt & Shane your help and efforts to help us complete our trail map for the event is greatly appreciated along with Beth for once again providing needed items quickly. To each and every business and club member that once again provided a wonderful group of raffle prizes. Southside Sales and Team Southside had demo rides of the 4 new 2017 Polaris Snowmobiles, which was a major hit and the 50+ riders that tried the new snowmobiles left happy. To Team Southside Race team your riding shows why race after race your team of 13 riders is on the podium and you amazed the crowd. Maybe next year we could host the Team Southside Invitational ?

A very special thanks to the following people and businesses for the support you gave and showed to help make our event possible. Tristan & Kelly / Landmark Trust USA without you and your wonderful home and property SNOW FEST would not be the same. Rusty & Connie, at Cherry Creek Sales along with Norm & Jen at 1st Stop Gas & Convenience Store your endless help is greatly appreciated. Terry & Dave your tables and chairs helped once again. Sheldon the endless hours spent grooming did not go unnoticed. Craig & Carl, you always bring you’re A game and we thank you for that. Ray you never seem to mind picking up any task the club needs and without our VP we would have a huge void. Randy you’re saving the day is always a welcome site. Mike and Rodger thanks for making sure everyone could stay warm around the fire. Bruce, Ryan & Tim that midnight run to hang the last blue arrows was memorable and appreciated along with several other task we shared. Marylee, Helena, Jackie and Vicky ladies you were the glue that kept is all together, and Jackie B our club president your endless efforts to keep calm in the camp is a comfort to all. Lastly thank you Cindy and the team at VAST for all your support and help, were glad you were able to share a few miles and smiles with us.

Our two neighboring clubs the Woodford Snowbusters and Deerfield Valley Stump Jumpers we thank you for your ongoing support and sharing of needed information. This teamwork between the 3 clubs helps all our members have a better season. We will continue to support your efforts and we are thankful you will do the same with ours. DSVJ we hope your 24 riders that rode in had a good day on the trails and Scott your team of Snowbusters groomers made the morning ride pure joy from Woodford.

                                     SNOW FEST IS ABOUT FAMILY FRIENDS AND FUN 

                                 Southside Sales Demo Rides Were A Huge Success

                               Our Lead Groomer Really Liked The Demo Ride,  ALOT !

                                              All THING EZ RIDERS SNOW FEST 2017

                           Follow The Blue Signs Next Year For EZ RIDERS SNOW FEST

                                The Winning TEAM SOUTHSIDE Was A Crowd Favorite

               The FIRE PIT Was Once Again A Place To Get Warm & Share Some Laughs.

                               Next Club Ride To The DSVJ Pig Rost, Join Us March 3,2017


Hey Y'all!  Let's go get us some vittles!  We can mosey on up to the Road House Restaurant in Dover to see the fine folks at the Stump Jumpers Pig Roast for high noon!  We'll be roundin up the posse at Cherry Creek Sales!  Be right neighborly of y'all to join us.  We'll be heading down the trail to the pig roast at 10:30.  So don't you be dawdling.  Don't want to hold up the posse.  Can't make the ride?  Well now, I'm sure the folks won't mind if you take the wagon road in.  See ya'll there!

The EZ RIDERS Snowmobile Club, would like to thank the hundreds that attended and helped make the event successful. Your support helped the club raise funds to keep all needed items going. As we cleaned up today and removed the last few items we were thankful for our time together and the laughs and smiles shared. We hope everyone had a good time and safe ride home. We thank you again for attending and we look forward to seeing you all at EZ RIDERS SNOW FEST 2018.


                               See You Next February For EZ RIDERS SNOW FEST 2018











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