Snow Slams Vermont & NY

May 4, 2016


Well just a few years ago this what things looked like in late May in Vermont. Let's hope next season Mother Nature remembers that riding season is only from mid December to mid April.


Yesterday, what appeared to be just an average 30 second "rain to snow" sprinkle turned pretty intense. At around 12:00 eastern time , small little flakes of snow began to pounder in the areas of high elevation.

What locals predicted to be "the final fluttering of flakes" of the 2012-2013 year quickly accumulated to more than three feet in depth. Highways in both states were shut down , and this memorial day, people will be left to shovel over three feet of wet snow.

What can we say, perhaps this is a farewell gift from this rather bitter winter? Whatever it is, it was record snowfall for both areas , especially for this "last month of spring". The weather in this country is just acting up recently , isn't it?


The June 1816 Snows of the ‘Year without Summer’

Most famous of all cold and snowy late season events would have to be the infamous 1816 ‘Year without Summer’ and the snowfall in June that occurred in the eastern U.S. and Canada. On June 6th accumulating snow was observed as far south as the Catskills in New York (where one inch was reported) and highlands of central and northwest Pennsylvania. Snowflakes were seen at sea level as far south as ten miles north of tidewater on the Hudson River just north of New York City. The deepest accumulations were reported in the mountains of Vermont where drifts of 12-18” were measured. Quebec City in Canada reported 12” on level with drifts up to two feet deep.




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