Supporting Our Neighboring Clubs.

March 6, 2016


When your neighboring club invites you to their annual Pig Roast and has just supported you in your club event, well you just have to go. That is what 18 of our club members did today to help support and enjoy an afternoon with the Deerfield Valley Stump Jumpers. Special thanks for the great job DVSJ did for hosting a wonderful afternoon even without Snow. Like our event it could have been a ride in but once again Mother Nature was not to be on Snow Duty.


Hats off to the DVSJ club members and owners of the Matterhorn Inn for the wonderful spread they provided. The Pig has been highly regarded around town for years and this year it was once again worth the years wait. Good raffle prizes, amazing food, and great people. Yes even though we were not riding today 18 EZ Rider Club Members enjoyed an afternoon with their neighboring club and retuned the club sprit that they had shared with us a few weeks before. Thank You DSVJ for a wonderful afternoon even without the SNOW !






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