SNOW Found In The Area

March 3, 2016


Two of our club volunteers were determined to find some Snow this past Monday afternoon in the area. The pictures and story that follows seems like they did ok. 


So on the way back from the races yesterday my wife and riding buddy and I took a look at airport road to see if it would be possible to get to snow. We were surprised to see the road that could possibly lead to some snow if we could get up past 2000 feet we might just find a few fun runs that would yield some good snow. Well that turned out to be true but along the way it would also end again and again and again. What started as a lite rain, turned to heavy rain and then at 3000 feet turned to mist and heavy fog. On low snow days I usually run my daughters fan cooled 550, it once again made the days trip without any issues. 

We headed north and took the first right heading higher up to find solid snow for a bit, by the time we hit BN 59 it started to thin. Well the trail up to Glastenbury Mountain was grass for the first 100 yards but we could see solid snow beyond that so we headed off in hopes of reaching the tower. We thought the creek bed running down the climb up would be rocky and it was, and a pain in the ass to get up but we keep pushing upward. No tracks to be found and as we climbed towards the top the snow began to get deep and it actually felt like winter. After about 35 minutes and thinking just around the next corner we would be at the tower we ran out of snow on a steep downhill section that has us guessing reaching the top. We knew if we went down that hill and ran out of snow we might be stuck with no way out. It was time to head back in the same direction we had just came that would repeat itself again several time throughout the day.

Heading back down the same way we came was quicker than the attempt up. By the time we hit the bottom and there were some good snow section along the way we were back to BN 59 and bright sunny skies. Banged a left and headed toward BN 69. Great snow cover over the top and back down to the next junction. Took the right heading into the backside of Woodford and ran out of snow quickly, ok let’s try the next trail. Started out great but 2 miles out we started seeing the big swamp and again ran out of snow. So after a little lunch we turned around and headed back to the main road in. Heading north after a mile or so the snow got deep and the next several miles you would have thought it was last season. 

Banged a left at BN 9 and again got into good snow, lasted for a while and even saw the only sled we saw all day. Again we ran out of snow and decided to head back and see how far we could get heading towards Kelly Stand Road. Well we made it to the parking lot and again the trail ended. We had started at 11 and spent 2 hours trying to get to the tower and as the sun was heading into the Western sky we knew the 60 + miles we had pulled off on 2/29/16 was worth the trip. If it was the last ride of the year then my TMA had been worth once again the money it cost. As we headed back in the same direction that got us there we had, had a good Monday in the woods.

Foot Note: Year after year when it seems to be all gone going into the GMNF and getting above 2000 feet can usually pays off. We wanted to make sure we did not destroy any trails and with a little creative riding we left the trails unharmed and ready for others on another day !!








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