Picture Of The Week


We welcome your pictures and comments while riding our trails. Each month during the Snowmobile Season we will choose a winning picture and a local business will award a prize to the winner. So go ahead and enjoy our trails and stop along the way and snap that winning picture. Send your pictures by e mail info@ezriders.org


       Needed Trail Work

Without our great volunteers the needed trail work for the upcoming season would not happen. Re decking of our 60+ Bridges is a must when needed. This Bridge on Trail 112 is like new again. Picture Taken 10/11/15

       Carol Ann 9 East

This landmark great old truck is on 9 East and is still carring a load. This picture was taken 3/14/2014.

    Winter Wonderland


We get plenty of Snow on the South End. Picture taken on 8 heading North.

 RollerCoster@Power Lines

This picture was taken on the Power Lines on the Mass Border. This section of our trails is like being on a Roller Coster. 2/12/15

    Open Fields Of SNOW

We have some great open fields along our 65 Miles of Trails. Thank you to all our landownwers for the use of their land. Sunday afternoon stroll. 3/15/15

    Loved The 2015 Season

The 2014/2015 Season was one for the records book. Riding the first week of the season was Winter Love.

      Farms Along The Way

No lack of livestock along the way.  We have several grazing fields you wiill pass through. Snow cover was still good along the trails 3/16/15

           Mater Spoted

Well if you need a tow on the trail Mater is ready. Thank you to our club member for providing this great picture.

  Brighton Snowmobile Club


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