September 25, 2015

First let us thank the Landmark Trust for the continued use of their wonderful land as part of our club trails. But if you truly want to experience a true Vermont Getaway and stay trailside in an amazing house which is deep in local history then the Amos Brown House will be a perfect choice. This landmark home is on the border of Vermont & Massachusetts known to us locals as the "Brickhouse". 


Traffic in the area is...

September 25, 2015

           Where this picture was taken in the 1700's is now part of our trails in 2015


It must not be forgotten that England and France were ancient enemies and had frequent wars: these wars usually disturbed the peace of the American Colonies, as the French were then established in Canada. A war, known as King George's war began in 1744 and ended in 1748. In January, 1749, Governor Benningt...

September 23, 2015

Redecking our 64 existing bridges can keep you busy, but with the right equipemnt & help it goes quickly. Thank You Frank, for desiging and building our lumber trailer.


Well were calling all helping hands for the needed trail work for the upcoming season. We are well underway with several projects and any and all help is greatly appreciated. The following dates are confirmed for upcoming Worker B days. The following...

September 18, 2015


ROSEAU, Minn. - The snowmobile is a 2014 – the driver a 1923.David Johnson is 91-years-old and still embarking on 200-mile snowmobile trips like some seniors take walks to the park."You still like doing this?" he is asked. "Yeah, I sure do," Johnson says enthusiastically over the engine's idle.Johnson should know his way around a sled. He built the first Polaris snowmobile in 1955.

For those of us living in the 21s...

September 15, 2015

It was a good weekend to get several needed projects started for the upcoming season which is just 91 days away. Two of our younger lady member’s ages 14 & 17 were out Saturday in the rain working on the clubs sign project. Thank you girls for your efforts. Sunday morning 8 AM the A Team showed up at our Grommer Shack ready to take on the project at hand..  We were able to get caught up from Carl & Craig on the highl...

September 9, 2015


Well it is that time of year again where all hands on deck are needed. We have several projects we need to complete before the snow falls and the season begins. On the 8 A loop we have a re-route that will require two bridges, 25 feet and 30 feet. We also have to clear the trail leading to the bridges. This re-route will take us off the existing trail which now goes down a town road about 1/2 mile long. If you can f...

September 1, 2015


Update: 9/7/15 We have found a company that can help us cerate one of a kind designs for our club clothing line. A special thanks to club member Eric P for helping this process along.


Happy to report we have started some basic designs for our E-Z Gear.  Our hopes is to cerate some nice clothing items to help promote our club. We have recived several e mails requesting these type of items and it was already in the...

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